When looking for a carpet cleaner, you will see many low priced ads. Read the fine print however. As we all know, when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The low price is meant to get them into your home. Once there, they will use high pressure and intimidation to increase the bill. Most of the time you will end up paying double or even triple what a reputable company would have charged. And  the service you will receive will not be worth a fraction of what you just paid. So how do they con you? Keep reading to learn a few of the ways. There are several ways they can do this.

1. Charging extra for pre-treating:  To properly clean a carpet, you need a pre-spray but they usually don’t include it. An extra 20 cents per square foot doesn’t sound like much but it would be $200 extra in the average size home. Our price includes pre-spray, spotting, vacuuming, etc.

2. Limiting the room size:  A 100 Square Foot room size limit means that the average Living Room of 225 Square Feet would be charged as 3 rooms. Our room size limit is a generous 300 Square Feet.

3. Aggressive Carpet Protector Sales: You may be told that your carpet will be ruined if you do not apply protection at inflated prices. If you do buy it, how do you know that you are getting what you paid for?  We will mention protector once and that’s it. No high pressure. Our protector is bought “Ready to Use” so that it cannot be diluted or mixed incorrectly.

We hope that you will choose to use our services, but if you don’t, please be careful. Don’t get taken.