Carpet Cleaning Infographic

Dallas Margarita Machine Rentals Anyone?

Looking for a margarita machine rental in Dallas? If so, we think that you should call on Margarita Monkey Party Rentals.  They have the highest quality machines in the Dallas area and offer some of the most competitive pricing. Here

Green Cleaning Tips

Everyone wants to go green these days and for good reason. American homes are more tightly sealed up than ever, for energy efficiency. Because of this, what goes in to your home does not so easily leave it. The use

Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Dallas

If you are looking for carpet cleaning and have never had it cleaned before, you might be inclined to shop solely on price. This can be a huge mistake though because services are not like products. If you shop for

Steam Carpet Cleaning Murphy, TX

If you need steam carpet cleaning in Murphy, you have just found your next carpet cleaner. My name is James Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Prodigy Clean. If you want the best for a reasonable price, this

Carpet Shampoo Wylie TX

Need to have your carpet shampooed in Wylie? If so, I would like to help. At Prodigy Clean, I do not shampoo but use the method recommended by carpet manufacturers, hot water extraction. The truth is that very few cleaners shampoo a

Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost

If you have never had your carpet cleaned in Dallas, you might be at a loss as to how much you should expect to pay for this service. It doesn’t hep when you see advertised carpet cleaning prices that are

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Wylie, TX

Everybody wants to get the best deal and if you are looking for a carpet cleaner, you are probably looking for the cheapest one. They are all the same right? Well maybe not. Often times, the cheapest carpet cleaner will

Carpet Cleaning Coupon – January 2017

The January coupon is out and we have some great savings for you. For the month of January, here is our special. Save $10 When you clean three or more rooms. Save $15 When you clean four rooms or more.

What Do I Do With My Furniture?

Are you thinking about having your carpet cleaned in the Dallas area but you are not sure about how to handle all of your furniture? I can help. I am sure that the thought of moving all of that furniture