How long does carpet cleaning take?

If you are thinking about having your carpet cleaned, you might be wondering just how much time you will need to set aside. This depends on several factors but I can give you a pretty general estimate that will allow

Should You Clean Your Carpet When Selling?

It is a great time to sell your home. Houses are selling in a matter of days and you might think that you really do not have to do much to sell your house. This is true, your house probably

Wet Weather Carpet Survival Tips

In Texas, we have two good storm seasons and the last one is upon us. I am going to give you five of my best tips to help you get through the season with clean carpet. First and foremost, you

Clean Your Car Upholstery

When it comes to automotive carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is not the best fit. For residential carpet cleaning, there is nothing better. It removes the most soil and is safest for carpet. This is why major carpet manufacturers recommend this

Do you need air duct cleaning?

I get a lot of requests for air duct cleaning but to this day I have not added this service to my resume. Why? Because in most cases you do not need air duct cleaning. There are many companies that

What Kind Of Carpet Should I Buy?

Looking for new carpet in Dallas? You have a big decision to make because the carpet type, construction and even color that you use will make a huge difference on how long it lasts. Keep reading and I will give

Clean Stainless Steel & More

I recently discovered a product that has changed the way I clean my kitchen. I was having a horrible time keeping my stainless steel appliances clean and was even considering making the switch to black appliances. If you have stainless

DIY Wood Floor Cleaning

Professional wood floor cleaning is something that you really should not have to do if you take care of your hardwood floors. The main thing that is being cleaned with hardwood floor cleaning is residue. Professional cleaning removes the residue

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

You have probably heard about carbonated carpet cleaning, but what exactly is it. Your first image is probably of something soaking in a glass of seltzer water. You see the bubbles of oxygen rising up, scrubbing the surface clean. The

Need A Carpet Cleaner In Dallas?

If you need a carpet cleaner in Dallas, TX, Prodigy Clean is here to help you. We offer natural steam carpet cleaning using truck mounted machines. In addition, the owner of the company performs all of the work. This means