carbonated dallasYou have probably heard about carbonated carpet cleaning, but what exactly is it. Your first image is probably of something soaking in a glass of seltzer water. You see the bubbles of oxygen rising up, scrubbing the surface clean. The theory is similar with carpet cleaning but your carpet is not soaked to that degree so the effect of the rising bubbles is minimal.

The Real Benefit of Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

The real benefit is not the mechanical action of bubbles but the oxygen being releases. The oxygen increases the cleaning power of a solution without dangerous solvents or chemicals. With our carbonated, oxygen powered solution we can get a carpet cleaner than other Dallas companies without harsh cleaners. This also means that we do not need to use heavy fragrances to disguise the odor of chemicals. In fact, the only odor that you will smell is that of oxygen being released. It smells like the air just before a thunderstorm.

Why Choose Our Carbonated Process?

  • No detergents means that carpet stays clean longer. Our clients can go twice as long between cleanings because of our no residue cleaner.
  • No dangerous chemicals. Our cleaner has no solvents or detergents or other harsh chemicals. This keeps you and your family safe.
  • No strong fragrances. Some of the cleaners used by other Dallas companies can have an offensive odor. Our cleaner has just the subtle smell of oxygen which smells like the ozone released in the air before a thunderstorm.
  • Your carpet will be brighter. Oxygen brightens carpet making it shine like the day it was installed. You will notice the difference right away.
  • We include everything in our price. No hidden charges or extra fees for spot cleaning and preconditioning.

If you are ready to see for yourself how clean your carpet can be with carbonation, schedule a cleaning now or give us a call.

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

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