Hi, my name is James Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Prodigy Clean. I do things differently than most carpet cleaners. I am more interested in earning your long term business than making a quick dollar. I do not use tricky pricing schemes designed to nickle and dime you to death. My cleaning price includes everything needed for a carpet cleaning with no hidden charges. I also use a natural, residue free carpet cleaner that is safe for you and the environment. Finally, I use a state of the art truck mounted system that will get your carpet cleaner and will allow it to dry much faster. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please schedule online or call me at 972-922-7878. If you need more information, keep reading.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • Owner Operated
    Nobody will have more knowledge or a desire to do the best work than the owner of a company. If you have ever dealt with an uncaring employee or pushy subcontractor you know what an advantage this is. Another benefit is that you know who will be coming into your home so you can rest assured that a criminal won’t show up at your door.
  • Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning
    Truck mounted machines produce much higher heat and vacuum power than portable and electric powered systems. Not every company uses them because they are expensive to purchase and to operate. My truck mounted machine allows me to get your carpet cleaner and drier than my competition though so the money is well worth it in my opinion.
  • Zero Residue Cleaners
    My cleaning solution leaves no residue because it contains no soaps or detergents. This means that your carpet will stay clean much longer. Most of my customers go twice as long between cleanings once they switch to me.
  • All Natural Cleaning
    In addition to being soap and detergent free, my cleaner is also free of solvents and petrochemicals. This means that it is safer for you and your family.
  • No Hidden Charges
    Everything needed for a carpet cleaning is included in my price so their are no surprises. My price includes vacuuming, pre-treatment, spot cleaning, furniture moving, extraction and speed drying.

Hopefully by now you have decided to make an appointment. If you need more information, please give me a call. Live in another city besides Allen? I also serve nearby cities such as Highland Village, Prosper and more.

Carpet Cleaning Allen TX

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