The January coupon is out and we have some great savings for you. For the month of January, here is our special.

  • Save $10
    When you clean three or more rooms.
  • Save $15
    When you clean four rooms or more.
  • Save $20
    When you clean five or more rooms.

These prices are in addition to our regular sales price which is currently just $35 per room. To take advantage of this offer, you must print out this page or our carpet cleaning coupon email if you are on our list.

Why Clean In January

There are a lot of good reasons to clean your carpet in the month of January.

For starters, your carpet has just been through a marathon. The holidays have brought with it a lot of traffic and therefore a lot of soil. It might seem like  a good idea to wait until the Spring to have your carpet cleaned but this could cause excess wear on your carpet. Dirt is abrasive and your soil is actually wearing down your carpet fibers. Wit too long and you will get permanent dulling of the carpet and damage that can not be reversed.

Another great reason to clean your carpet in January is the weather. That is right, thee cold temperatures are much better for carpet cleaning because that cold air holds less moisture. This means that when it comes into your home and heats up, it is ready to absorb tons of moisture. We frequently get dry time of under an hour in the winter because of this. Hate the inconvenience of a wet floor, clean it when it is cold out.

Finally, you should clean your carpet now because of the great sales prices. Save up to $20 when you clean five rooms which means that you can get 5 rooms cleaned for just $155 plus tax. This price includes prespray, spot cleaning, furniture moving, speed drying…..everything you need for a basic cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Coupon – January 2017