Carlson Carpet Cleaning OwnerHi, my name is James Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Prodigy Clean. I am happy to serve the Mesquite area and look forward to earning your business. When you hire me, you get a different kind of carpet cleaning company. I perform all of the work myself, so you do not have to deal with employees or subcontractors. You get the most experienced person on the job every time. I also use a state of the art truck mounted machine and an all natural, residue free cleaner. My price is also all inclusive with no hidden charges or fees. The price I charge includes vacuuming, pre-spray, spot cleaning, furniture moving, extraction and speed drying.

Why Choose My Company?

  • No hidden fees.
    My price includes everything that you need for a quality carpet cleaning. This inlcudes vacuuming, furniture moving, pre-spray, spot cleaning, extraction and speed drying of the carpet.
  • No soil attracting residue.
    Because my cleaner has no soaps or detergents, there is no residue left behind. This means that your carpet will stay clean much longer.
  • Owner Operated.
    I do all of the work myself so you never have to deal with an employee or worse yet, a subcontractor. Nobody will care more about the results than the owner of a company.
  • No Dangerous Chemicals
    My cleaner contains no dangerous solvents or petrochemicals. This makes it safer for you and the environment.

Hopefully, by now you have decided to use my services. I f you would like to schedule an appointment, you can do so online with the link at the top of the page or you can call me at 972-922-7878.

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