UnknownI recently discovered a product that has changed the way I clean my kitchen. I was having a horrible time keeping my stainless steel appliances clean and was even considering making the switch to black appliances. If you have stainless appliances, you know that they show everything, especially water spots. The product that I now use is Barkeepers Friend. It has been around for some time, but it is new to me. My stainless now shines like new. So, if you are having trouble in your kitchen check out this great product.

Other Uses

In addition to cleaning stainless, I have found that this product cleans a number of other surfaces well. I recently used it to remove soap and hard water deposits from a glass shower door. Worked far better than other products I have used like CLR. It can also be used on cooktops, outdoor grills, to remove rust from tools and sporting equipment, etc.

Clean Stainless Steel & More