The Hidden Danger of Candles

candleA burning candle can do lots of things for your home. It can set a mood, give you soft lighting, produce a pleasant smell or just cover up a foul odor. It can also cause some major and often permanent damage to your homes carpeting. Surprised? Most people are when the damage is pointed out to them. Keep reading and learn more about the damage caused by candles and how to minimize or prevent it entirely.

When you think about damage caused by candles you probably think about what happens when a candle drops and spills wax onto your carpet. This is a common problem and is typically quite easy to remove. The real problem with candles is the soot that is produced. When candles burn they produce smoke which eventually settles all over your home. It is not contained simply to the room where it is being burnt because your homes HVAC system carries it throughout the house.

So what does this damage look like? It manifests itself as dark gray or black lines around furniture and around walls. The more you burn candles, the darker these lines will be. People usually do not notice the damage until they move a chair or couch and see the line. Most do not associate it immediately with the candles but think their carpet is just dirty. It’s not until a knowledgeable carpet cleaner points it out that they realize the source of the problem. And unfortunately, these stains are not always removable. In fact they often can not be completely removed.

But what can be done about it? If you like burning candles, chances are good that you are not going to stop. What you need to do is damage control. Try to burn candles less frequently and when you do burn them make sure to cut down the wicks so they have a smaller flame. This will reduce the soot in the air and make your candles last longer. Also be sure to vacuum your carpet regularly, up to and underneath furniture. Regular carpet cleaning will also help to keep the problem in check.
There is no doubt about the fact that candles cause smoke damage in your home. However, if you know how to recognize the signs of damage and know how to minimize the damage you should be able to continue burning your candles.

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Danger of Candles

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