I get a lot of requests for air duct cleaning but to this day I have not added this service to my resume. Why? Because in most cases you do not need air duct cleaning. There are many companies that push air duct cleaning ¬†because it is a big money maker. It is almost all labor with no product expenses. The system is also almost entirely hidden so consumers have a hard time knowing if results are achieved. Before you decide to bite the bullet on air duct cleaning, let’s look at some of the reasons that companies give for you needing this service.

  1. The EPA recommends Duct Cleaning
    There is a large company in the Dallas area that likes to claim that the EPA recommends air duct cleaning every two years. Sounds like a good reason to have it done right? Well, the fact is that the EPA makes no such recommendation. Here is what they say, “EPA does not recommend that the air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only as needed.”¬†You can read what they think here, but basically they say that it should only b needed if you have visible mold.
  2. Dirty ducts contribute to poor indoor air quality.
    The truth is that if anything has adhered to the inside of your ducts, “it has adhered to the inside of your ducts”. It is not going to get into the air because it is attached to the ducts. Cleaning it will only disturb it.
  3. If you are noticing more dust on furniture, you need your ducts cleaned.
    This isn’t from dirty ducts, it is dander and dead skin cells from you, your family and your animals. You would be better off adding extra filtering to your system and a stand alone HEPA air filter. Both of these can be had for less than the cost of an air duct cleaning.
  4. Cleaning your system will make it work more efficiently.
    Your ducts are 4 inches wide in most cases. A layer of dust will not restrict your system. The only benefit to efficiency would be if the coils were cleaned. This is something that most companies do not clean however.

Whether you have your ducts cleaned is up to you but in my opinion, most air duct cleaning is wasted money. Instead have an AC company come in and check your system and clean your coils. Also use a quality pleated air filter and change it often. The only duct that needs to get cleaned indoor home is you dryer duct/vent.

Do you need air duct cleaning?