We love our animals, but it can be a chore keeping up with them. One of the biggest nuisances in a pet owners life is dealing with all of the hair. Pet hair will inevitably wind up on just about every surface in your home. Dealing with it can sometimes be a challenge but it can and must be done. Here is the best way to deal with pet hair on a variety of home surfaces.


This is the hardest surface to remove hair from, unless you have finished leather. A finished leather couch can simply be wiped with a wet rag. If you have a fabric piece of furniture, the job is much harder. The easiest way to remove this hair is with a rubber dish glove and a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Place the glove on your hand and rub it across the fabric on your furniture. You will see that the hair is attracted to the rubber glove and it will ball up into clumps. Clumps that can be easily removed with your vacuum cleaner.


Removing hair from your carpet is as simple as taking out your vacuum, but there are some tricks to make this job easier. When our Dallas carpet cleaning company vacuums a carpet with pet hair, we make sure of a few things. First, make sure that your vacuum is set on the correct level. This assures that the brushes are contacting the carpet at the right height. Too high and it is ineffective. Too low and the brushes will bog down and not spin properly. Next, make sure that the vacuum belt on your vacuum is in good shape. If it is old, it will slip and not turn the brush at the optimum speed. Finally, make sure that your vacuum bag is no more than half full. Any more than that and your vacuum begins to lose efficiency.

Hard Floors

The most common method of hair removal on hard surfaces is sweeping, but as a pet owner you know that this is not easy. Hair tends to float in the air when swept and stick to your broom. An easier way to remove pet hair from a hard surface is to use a hard surface vacuum. These vacuums will only have suction and no brush (a brush could chip your floor). They will make quick work and easy disposal of pet hair.


The best way to pull dog hair off of clothing is with a lint brush. These will have either a felt like surface or adhesive sheets that will trap the hair. If you are in a bind and have neither of these things, you can often get by with a damp rag or a quick spin in the clothes dryer.

How To Clean Up Dog Hair

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