Owner Operated.If you need a carpet cleaner in Dallas, TX, Prodigy Clean is here to help you. We offer natural steam carpet cleaning using truck mounted machines. In addition, the owner of the company performs all of the work. This means that you do not need to deal with push sales tactics, uncaring employees or untrained technicians. You will get the best cleaning every time without all of the normal carpet cleaning games. Keep reading and learn a little more about Prodigy Clean

What is included?

  • Vacuuming
    A lot of carpet cleaners like to skip this step, but it is very important. Dry soil removal is important because loose dry soil is easier to remove than wet and sticky soil. The difference in the result sis noticeable.
  • Pre-treating
    After your carpet is vacuumed, we apply a natural, oxygen powered pre-spray to your carpet. Pre-treatment is important because it gives soil and dirt time to break down before they are extracted. Once again, many carpet cleaners either skip this step or charge extra for it.
  • Light furniture moving
    Basic furniture like end tables, chairs and small sofas are moved for you. Larger items and electronics can be safely cleaned around.
  • Extraction
    We use truck mounted carpet cleaning machines to rinse your carpet to complete the cleaning process. Truck mounted machines produce more heat, more vacuum and better water flow. They allow us to get your carpet cleaner and drier than other companies. Many cleaners do not use these machines because they are expensive.
  • Spot cleaning
    Any spots that do not come clean with the basic cleaning process are spot cleaned before we leave.
  • Guarantee
    We offer a ten day guarantee and if you are ever unhappy, just give us a call.

Common Questions

  • Why are truck mounted machines better?
    Most companies use electric machines that are limited by household current. Our machines are power by their own gas engine. This gas engine turns a large vacuum blower that produces much more suction. It also uses engine and exhaust heat to heat the water to over 200 degrees. Electric machines just can not compete.
  • Why does every company not use truck mounted machines?
    The average electric machine costs $1500. Our truck mounted machine costs $20,000. Most companies can not afford to invest in the proper equipment.
  • Is there a soapy residue?
    No, pour cleaner contains no soap or detergent. It uses natural oxygen to clean your carpet.
  • How long does it take carpet to dry?
    In most cases, your carpet will be dry in just 4 to  6 hours. Heavy soiling conditions or bad weather may increase this time.
  • Is there a chemical odor?
    No, because we do not use dangerous chemicals. Our cleaner uses natural oxygen and that is all you smell, oxygen. Like the ozone you smell before a thunderstorm.



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