You might not know it, but we offer online scheduling. Ever since I founded my company, I have used online scheduling and it has been very beneficial for both us and my customers. Still, many people do not know that we offer it. Here are some reasons why we use online scheduling and why you should consider scheduling your next Dallas carpet cleaning online.

  • It is easier than scheduling over the phone.
    You do not have to ask if you have this day or if you have that day. One look at the calendar, and you can see what days are available. Choose the day that works best for you and then just enter your name and address. In just a minute, you are done.
  • You can schedule an appointment at any time.
    It could be 9PM at night and you could still schedule an appointment online for the next day. The perfect thing for those last minute emergencies.
  • You get email reminders.
    When you schedule an appintment for your Dallas carpet cleaning online, you will get convenient reminder emails before the appointment. If you use Google calendar, you can also easily add your cleaning appointment.
  • It keeps our costs down.
    It keeps our costs down, which in turn, keeps your costs down. We pass the savings on to you.

As you can see, online scheduling is a win win for everybody. So, why not schedule your carpet cleaning online.

Online Scheduling | Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning Online in Dallas TX

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