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Should You Clean Your Carpet When Selling?

It is a great time to sell your home. Houses are selling in a matter of days and you might think that you really do not have to do much to sell your house. This is true, your house probably will sell just fine if you simply stick a for sale sign in the yard and start taking offers. Those offers, however, will not be as much as they could be if you properly prep your home and this includes having the carpet cleaned. A clean carpet says a lot about your home and will enhance the appearance greatly. Here are a few reasons to get your carpet cleaned before you list.

  • Clean carpet will make your home smell better.
    That musty smell that your realtor mentions but that you don’t notice. That’s coming from your carpet. Your carpet is your home’s biggest air filter and helps to clean the air. When it gets full though it can┬ástart making your home smell.
  • Your carpet is not as clean as you think.
    With dust and dirt gradually building up, you probably do not realize that your carpet is as dirty as it is. Clean it and you may be surprised to find it two shades lighter and much brighter.
  • A clean carpet can help you disguise pets.
    Some people despise pets and can pick up the slightest cat or dog odor. Clean your carpet, even if you do not smell anything, and remove all traces.
  • A dirty carpet raises questions.
    Mainly about your sanitary habits. People start looking closer at things. It might not keep someone from buying your home but it could reduce the amount they are willing to offer.
  • Don’t be cheap.
    Nobody likes a cheapskate and nobody likes to buy a house from someone who is too cheap to do the most basic of maintenance. This includes spending a few hundred dollars from time to time to get the carpet professionally cleaned.
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Recent Reviews

Nathan A. (Dallas, TX)
We have used James for the past three years. He is always on time, professional, and through. We have recommended him to multiple people and will continue to use him in the future.

Martha C. (Lewisville, TX)
James just left my house and my carpets look like new! I thought that my carpets were beyond saving. Yesterday I even had my house quoted for new carpet. I called James from sticker shock at the new carpet price. I figured that I would "try" to clean my carpets. I have a $400 home steam cleaner and it wasn't even putting a dent in the spots. My carpets are 8 years old and we have a ton of preschoolers in the house every day along with two dogs. I chose Carlson Carpets because he uses natual products and has a flat fee. I hate it when companies bait me with a good price and then try to tack on a bunch of fees for this spot here and that spot there. It took James a little over an hour and they look new. I feel like he just saved me thousands! Thanks James!

Pamela G. (Garland, TX)
Mr. Carlson has cleaned my carpets 4 times now. When he leaves they look like new. He is the owner and the lead technician. He is very efficient, pleasant and the price is more than reasonable. I would recommend this company to anyone!! Also, Mr. Carlson is the type of person you could go outside to get your mail or to talk to a neighbor and not have to worry about a thing being missing when you return - unlike so many companies, today. Top notch service - top notch results! Also, I wanted to add: I have pets who have accidents and teenage kids in and out of the house. No problem is too big for Carlson!

Mitchell S. (Dallas, TX)
Very good experience. I scheduled my appointment on their website, got a confirmation, and then everything went as the online system said. The company emailed me the day before to confirm again, and called the day of to give me a 30-minute heads-up. The owner did my job himself and he was very professional.

Mubina B. (Dallas, TX)
James called on his way to let me know when he would be there and he arrived promptly. He was very professional and finished the work quickly and efficiently. I called at 8pm and left a message with a question and he called me back within 5 minutes.

Matt M. (Garland, TX)
I had a great experience using them last week. James called in advance and showed up right on time. As this was my first carpet cleaning, James was patient and accommodating to my requests.