Unlike most companies, I use a soap free, natural cleaning method. The cleaner that I use has no solvents, no petrochemicals, no soap and no detergents. It cleans with the powerful yet safe power of natural oxygen. Cleaning with a sop free and natural cleaner has numerous advantages.

  • Carpets Stay Clean Longer
    Soap and detergent attracts soil. This is why you often hear that carpets get dirty faster after a cleaning. With my cleaner, there is no residue so you can go much longer between cleanings. My customers typically find that they can go twice as long between cleaning as they did with other cleaners.
  • There Is No Odor
    Traditional carpet cleaning chemicals are loaded with solvents and petrochemicals and fragrances (used to mask the chemical odor). My cleaner is virtually odor free so you do not need to worry about your home smelling like a chemical factory after a cleaning.
  • It Is Healthier
    If you were to look at the ingredient list of most carpet cleaners, you would cringe. You have to be careful about the chemicals that you are putting into your home, especially with today’s air tight construction methods. My cleaner is safe for your home, your family and your pets.
  • It Cleans Better
    You might think that you would be making compromises to using a soap free, natural cleaner, but this is not true. They actually clean better. Natural oxygen does a fantastic job of powering out soil and the lack of soap increases vacuum power. This leads to a cleaner carpet that dries faster.

So with all this, why do carpet cleaners still use soap? Mainly for two reasons. First, they are set in their ways and do not want to have to test new chemicals and make changes. Second, it is not in their best interest, it is in yours. Soap free cleaners allow consumers to go longer between cleanings which means less overall income. For me, its worth it because I might make less money off a client, but I get more repeat and referral business.

Soap Free Carpet Cleaning

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