Tile and grout cleaning can be an expensive project. When I clean it, it is mostly a restoration project because the grout lines have become packed with years of dirt, grease and grime. This means that it takes time, some specialty equipment and a lot of water pressure to get it clean. It doesn’t have to be this way though and you can avoid a visit from your carpet cleaner if you just maintain your tile and grout. To most people, this just means mopping the floor, but this is not enough. You also need to attend to the grout and this article will tell you how to do this.

grout brushMopping your floor is great and should be done often to keep soil at bay, but it does little for the grout lines. Most mops will simply glide over the grout and either miss it or, worse yet, deposit more soil into the grout lines. To clean the grout lines, you need to be able to brush the grout lines to break down and absorb the soil. When most people think about this, they envision countless hours spent on the ground with an old toothbrush. You can do this, but there is an easier way. Pay a visit to your local hardware store and go down the brush aisle. Look for a grout cleaning brush which is a 12 inch brush tapered to fit into a grout line. It will have an end that accepts a broomstick so that you can scrub the grout standing up. If your local store does not sell them, you can find grout brushes online at carpet cleaning supply stores.

Once you have your brush in hand, or on a stick, we can begin. Make up a mop bucket with your normal mop solution. Apply your mop solution to the floor in a small area, about 5 feet by 5 feet. Use slightly more solution than you would normally apply. Now, scrub the grout lines with the grout brush and when you are done, mop up the solution. Continue this process until you have mopped and scrubbed the entire floor. Use caution around walls and cabinets to not force water under them. This could cause warping of wood and trim. If you do get water under trim or cabinets, use a fan to speed dry the area. When you are done, simply let the grout and tile dry before putting it back to use. Grout is very porous so it will look its best in about 24 hours when it completely dries.

Grout cleaning is not something that you need to do each and every time that you mop your floor, but from time to time, it is a good idea. Depending on soiling conditions in your home, I typically recommend that you do this once a month. It will keep your floors looking good and save you money in professional grout cleaning.

Tile & Grout Maintenance

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