People are often surprised that I can get carpet as clean (if not cleaner) than detergent based cleaners. Soap free cleaning, when combined with the best equipment, is far superior. It has a number of advantages that make it the right choice for you and your family. As you might have guessed, I am going to go over a few of these reasons.

  • Soap free cleaning is safer.
    Because it has no detergents, solvents or petrochemicals, soap free cleaning is far safer. These chemicals are dangerous and their use should be limited.
  • Soap free cleaning smells better.
    Because their are no dangerous chemicals in the cleaner I use, it has no need for strong scents to mask the odor. This means all you smell is your fresh and clean carpet.
  • Soap free cleaning leaves no residue.
    There are no detergents or soaps in my cleaner which means that there is nothing left behind to attract soil. This allows your carpet to stay clean much longer.
  • Soap free cleaning works better.
    People are often amazed that the soap free cleaner actually out cleans past cleanings they have had with traditional cleaners. It leaves your carpet cleaner, brighter and safer.

As you can see, there is no need to use any of those dangerous chemical laden cleaners. Just give it a try and you will see for yourself.

Top Reasons For Soap Free Cleaning

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