Looking for new carpet in Dallas? You have a big decision to make because the carpet type, construction and even color that you use will make a huge difference on how long it lasts. Keep reading and I will give you some tips to help you make a decision.

FIRST, let me stress that your carpet may not need to be replaced. I have cleaned so many carpets that were on the chopping block and the owner decided to keep them. With a minimum charge of just $90 compared to a potential replacement cost of thousands, it is worth seeing if your carpets can be saved. Give me a call and we can discuss your carpet and you will get an honest assessment.

Now, onto the matter at hand, choosing a new carpet. You need to decide on the material, the construction, the padding and the color. All of these things will have a great impact on just how long your carpet will last.

Material: Hands down, the best material to choose is Nylon. It will last the longest because it will resist wear and soiling the best. Just about every carpet that I have seen that was over 10 years old has been Nylon. Do Not listen to carpet salesmen pushing the latest incentivized carpet. Olefin/Polypropylene and Polyester carpets will not last anywhere near as long as a Nylon carpet. They may save you a few dollars but they will wear out far sooner. I am talking about the difference between a carpet that lasts three years and one that lasts fifteen. It is that big of a deal.

Construction: Berber used to be all of the rage but its popularity has wained. Part of the reason for this is that people learned that it was horrible. It is harder to clean, not as comfortable and if a kid or pet gets ahold of a loose strand, they will make a nice streak of missing fibers across the entire carpet. Stick with a medium pile carpet.

Padding: This is either heavily neglected or extremely overpaid for. The basic rebond carpet pad is a great product. You just need to upgrade the thickness. Upgrade to a half inch or 5/8 pad. Avoid the “super” carpet pads that claim to eliminate odors or prevent stains. They are not worth the money and you probably won’t be able to tell if the installers used it anyway.

Color: Color of course makes a huge difference. A lighter carpet will not only show dirt more but it will also get dirtier easier. This is because carpet is etched to receive a dye and make dye sites. The less dye, the less of these dye sites are filled. This leaves areas that can be stained over time once the protectors wear off. Stick with as dark of a cold as you can stand. Speckled carpets are also useful to hide soiling.

In Conclusion: Okay, if you cheated and came all the way down here first, here it is. Get a dark Nylon carpet with a medium pile and a thicker pad.

What Kind Of Carpet Should I Buy?