Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Dallas

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Dallas or carpet cleaning in allen, you might be inclined to shop solely on price. This can be a huge mistake though because services are not like products. If you shop for a new TV, you can look for the best price because everyone is selling the exact same TV. With carpet cleaning, everyone is selling a very different product and that CHEAP carpet cleaning is cheap for a reason. Here are some reasons to avoid CHEAP carpet cleaners in Dallas.

  1. They are being deceptive.
    Most of the companies that you see advertising a cheap price never actually intend to honor that price. They just advertise the price to get you to call them and schedule a cleaning. Once in your home, they hit you with add on after add on. They charge for the things that every carpet needs like pre-treatment and spot cleaning. Don’t believe me? Check the fine print and/or call them to ask what is included in the price. If they say there may be a charge for spots or may be a charge for heavy soiling, you can bet they will charge it to you.
  2. They use old and cheap equipment.
    Cleaning carpet correctly requires some very expensive equipment. Our truck mounted machines cost $20,000 and require a heavy duty van to transport them around. Compare this to the cheap carpet cleaner who buys a used portable machine off of craigslist for $500. Who do you think will do a better job?
  3. They don’t show up.
    I get so many calls from people in a panic because their cheap carpet cleaner does not show up. They have moved all of their furniture and taken off work only to have a company no show on them. Well, that cheap carpet cleaner will overbook and do as many jobs as they can or want to do in a day. The rest, they don’t care about and won’t even call because they do not care about their reputation. People will keep calling them because of their cheap price anyway.

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.  Hire a cheap carpet cleaner and chances are that you will either end up paying more than a legitimate company would charge or that you will be so unhappy with the service that you will have wasted your money. Do yourself a favor, call an honest company with fair and honest prices.

Check out our current specials page for our latest prices. Our up front price may be more than the cheap carpet cleaners, but the final bill is almost always less. In addition, at the end of it all you will actually have clean carpet.


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