Cheap Carpet Cleaning Wylie, TX

Owner Operated.Everybody wants to get the best deal and if you are looking for a carpet cleaner, you are probably looking for the cheapest one. They are all the same right? Well maybe not. Often times, the cheapest carpet cleaner will end up costing you the most and here is why.

  1. They are not really cheap.
    A lot of carpet cleaners like to advertise a base price, $20 a room for example. This price usually does not include spot cleaning and pre-treatment. These are things that ALL carpets need. They will then charge a per square foot price for these add ons which can add $20 to $40 a room to the cost easily.
  2. They use cheap equipment.
    You can get into this business with a $1000 portable machine or a $500 buffer but the work will not be good. They will not remove much if any soil and will leave your carpet soaked. Our truck mounted machines cost almost $20,ooo but they remove a lot of soil and most of the moisture so that your carpe will dry in hours.
  3. They won’t show up.
    They overbook or just do not care about your business in general. They do not plan on doing good work so they do not care about your opinions. They might show up extremely late or not at all, wasting the time that you took off of work and leaving you scrambling to find a legitimate company.

We do not operate like the CHEAP carpet cleaners but we do provide an excellent value. Our cleaning price includes things that other companies charge big bucks for. Our price includes vacuuming, extraction, spot cleaning, pre-treament and speed drying of the carpet. Check out our current specials page for our latest prices. Our up front price may be more than the cheap carpet cleaners, but the final bill is almost always less. In addition, at the end of it all you will actually have clean carpet.


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