Dallas Margarita Machine Rentals Anyone?

Looking for a margarita machine rental in Dallas? If so, we think that you should call on Margarita Monkey Party Rentals.  They have the highest quality machines in the Dallas area and offer some of the most competitive pricing. Here is what you need to know about their rentals.

Dallas Margarita Machine Rentals
High quality commercial margarita machines allow you to enjoy the party and not play bartender. They will not rent the cheap plastic bowl machines that most companies rent. These machines take too long to freeze the drinks and they can not be used outdoors. They also require constant attention, taking you away from your event. The machines that Margarita Monkey uses are the exact same machines that you might see in a bar or restaurant. Check out their Dallas margarita machine rentals page to set up your order, or keep reading to learn more.

The machines make all the difference and Margarita Monkey uses the best. Their machines freeze in as little as 15 minutes, fill automatically, can be used outdoors and look far more professional. If you have ever rented a plastic machine, you will see and taste the difference.

Dallas Table & Chair Rentals

In addition to margarita machines, Margarita Monkey also offers table and chair rentals. Just like with their drink machines, they focus on quality. No plastic tables that look cheap and can sag in the middle. They feature wood tables with sturdy bolt through legs and hardware. They look better and will give you a nice level surface for your linens or tablecloths. Visit their Dallas table and chair rentals page to learn more.

As far as chairs go, their base chair is a white resin garden chair. With an attractive finish and sturdy design, it is a very attractive choice that is much nicer than the metal folding chairs used by most companies. Plus, they rent them for about the same price as other companies charge for cheap chairs.

When you are ready to schedule your next margarita machine or table and chair rental, give Margarita Monkey a ring.

Margarita Monkey Party Rentals
1542 Kasey Court
Caddo Mills, TX 75135


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