How long does carpet cleaning take?

If you are thinking about having your carpet cleaned, you might be wondering just how much time you will need to set aside. This depends on several factors but I can give you a pretty general estimate that will allow you to set aside the proper amount of time.

In general, setup and tear down time for carpet cleaning will take about thirty minutes. This is the time it takes to setup the machine and run hoses from out truck to your home. After the setup time, you can expect it to take about 15 minutes per room of carpet being cleaned. So, take the 3o minutes for setup and add 15 minutes times the number of rooms. This means two rooms would take one hour, three rooms would take one hour and fifteen minutes, four rooms would take one and a half hours, etc, etc.

If your carpet is lightly soiled, it may take slightly less time and if your carpet is heavily soiled, it may take slightly longer.

At Prodigy Clean, we always value your time and do our best to be as efficient as possible. The last thing that we want you to have to put up with is being at home all day having your carpet cleaned or waiting on us. That is why we are thorough, but try to be as efficient as possible. This is also why we utilize short two hour arrival windows and call you when we are on our way. This means that you can meet us at your home and have no need to sit around waiting on us.


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