Pet Stain & Odor Removal

You do not have to live with those pet stains and odors any longer. Give me a call and let me restore your homes carpet or upholstery and put your dog or cat back into your good graces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pet odor removal process work on carpet?
I use a multiple step process to treat most pet situations. A deodorizer is applied to the carpet as a pre-spray. After being allowed to dwell it is extracted using a powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning unit. The cleaning unit will remove as much of the contaminants from the carpet as possible. I will then apply another deodorizing treatment on top of the carpet to neutralize any remaining odor.

Is there a strong odor?
No, the product I use has only a slight lemon scent. Most people find it pleasant and it will fade away quickly.

Is there a guarantee?
I do not offer guaranteed pet odor removal. Some companies offer this service but the costs for the service are so high that you would be better off simply replacing the carpet. The only way to really completely remove the odor is to replace the carpet entirely. The cost for my deodorization service is quite reasonable and if you are considering replacement you should consider this option first.

How much do you charge?
Like all of my services I believe in up front pricing. You can find my prices for pet odor deodorization here.