What Do I Do With My Furniture?

Are you thinking about having your carpet cleaned in the Dallas area but you are not sure about how to handle all of your furniture? I can help.

I am sure that the thought of moving all of that furniture can be quite overwhelming. The fact is though that you do not need to. Most heavy furniture can be safely cleaned around. With truck mounted steam cleaning systems, the vast majority of the water is extracted from your carpet. This allows us to clean right up to your furniture and leave it in place without the risk of damage to your carpet or your furniture.

Moving heavy items that always remain in the same place is not needed and is an unnecessary risk. If a piece of furniture has always been in the same spot, the most that can be underneath it is a bit of dust. You can simply vacuum this, it does not need to be steam cleaned.

But what about other items like chairs and end tables? We always move these types of items for no additional charge. We simply move the item to the side, clean where it was and then replace it. Styrofoam blocks or plastic pads are then placed underneath the furniture and left in place until it dries.

If you do insist on moving heavier items like bookshelfs, beds, sectionals, etc we ask you to move these items to another area of your home while we clean the carpet. You will then need to allow the carpet to completely dry before replacing them. A moving company could be contacted and would charge you a reasonable hourly rate to have workers move the items for you and then return to replace them.


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