Hello, my name is James Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Prodigy Clean. I am very happy to serve the city of Addison, TX and take pride in offering you something different than what other carpet cleaners offer. I use an all natural cleaning process, state of the art truck mounted cleaning equipment and have no hidden charges. The price that is on my website and the one I quote is what you pay. Everything needed for a carpet cleaning is included in my price. I include everything that those other cleaners like to charge extra for so that you get a great cleaning at a fair price with no surprises.

Why Choose Our Company?

  • No hidden prices.
    Everything that those other cleaners charge extra for is included in my price. My price includes vacuuming, furniture moving, pre-spray, extraction, spot cleaning and speed drying. No games or gimmicks.
  • Natural residue free cleaning.
    The cleaner that I use leaves no soapy residue to attract soil. This means that your carpet will stay clean longer. The cleaner also uses no harsh ingredients and uses the safe power of natural oxygen to clean.
  • Truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment.
    Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have higher heat and more vacuum power. This means that they clean better and leave your carpet much drier. Also, because all of the equipment is located in the van, I only have to bring two hoses into your home. No smelly or noisy equipment will enter your home.
  • No employees or subcontractors.
    All of the work is done by me, the owner. No uncaring employees or sales driven subcontractors. Who would care more about your satisfaction than the owner.

These are just a few of the reasons why I feel like I am the best choice in Addison carpet cleaning. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to serve you by clicking on the “Schedule Online” link or by giving me a call at the number on the top of the page.

Carpet Cleaning Addison, TX

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