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My name is James Carlson and I am the owner and operator of Prodigy Clean. I would like the opportunity to earn your business and believe that I am the best choice in Wylie carpet cleaning. You will find that my company is very different from the normal carpet cleaning service.
I do all of the work myself and do not use subcontractors or employees. I also have no hidden charges or fees and use residue free cleaning products. Finally, I use a state of the art truck mounted cleaning machine that delivers the best possible results. Hopefully, you have decided to give me a call by now or have to decided to schedule online. If you need more convincing, here are some more reasons to choose my company.

Why Choose Us.

  • Owner Operated
    If you have ever dealt with uncaring employees or even worse, subcontractors, you know that this is a huge advantage. It means that the person with the most experience and the most interest in making you happy is on the job every time. It also means that you will not be subject to aggressive sales pressure.
  • SoapĀ Free
    The cleaner that I use contains no soaps or detergents. It is a residue free oxygenated carpet cleaner. This means that your carpet will stay clean much longer than with other systems. Most of my customers go twice as long between carpet cleanings as they did with other cleaners.
  • Truck Mounted Equipment
    Not every carpet cleaner uses these machines because they are quite expensive to purchase and to operate. They provide much higher heat and vacuum though. This allows me to get your carpet cleaner and get it dry much faster.
  • No Hidden Charges
    The price that you see is the price that you pay. I am up front with my pricing and include no hidden fees. Some cleaners might advertise a low price but they will nickel and dime you to death until you are paying a fortune. My price includes vacuuming, pre-treatment, spot cleaning, light furniture moving, extraction and speed drying.

Providing carpet cleaning in Wylie and nearby areas such as Dallas, Plano & Murphy.


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